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About Our Company

We are a company of visionaries, believers and solution providers.

Our relationship methodology is to understand your business, how technology supports your business needs, and support and prescribe best practices to maintain optimal performance.

Virtua Technologies provides innovative information technology management services and support for clients around Africa such as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

Our Namibian and neighboring countries' clients can rely on our trusted team of IT professionals to provide superior end user device management support.

By adapting our advanced IT Service Management (ITSM) capabilities and automated toolsets to suit our clients’ specific needs, we give them a competitive edge. We help them achieve their business objectives. With our dedication to service excellence, accountability and transparency, Virtua Technologies puts the virtue into virtual.

Virtua Technologies Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide dynamic, world-class ICT solutions that powers creativity and innovation.

Virtua Technologies Our Mission

Our Mission

To be the end to end ICT solution service, and preferred customer service provider.

Virtua Technologies Office
Team Building

Our dynamic team of young Namibians is at the heart of our organisation. We believe that a lively and friendly work atmosphere is essential for creating a highly motivated and happy workforce.

That’s why at Virtua having fun is just as important as working hard. We believe in building strong relationships and a sense of belonging so that employees can focus on giving the best possible service to our clients.

Personal Development

We place a high value on the personal and professional development of every member of the Virtua team. As such, we mentor and coach junior employees and build capacity by pairing them with more experienced colleagues on new projects.

Our young engineers are encouraged and supported to advance their qualifications and certifications. At Virtua we understand that as each employee advances in skills and knowledge, our company as a whole advances too, translating into added value for our clients.

Service Excellence

At Virtua, our clients always come first. Our dedicated and friendly team of professionals is committed to consistently providing high quality services and products, and happily put in additional time and effort to finish the job.

By paying close personal attention and adapting to each and every client’s specific needs, we are in the business of exceeding expectations.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Founded on 1st April 2016

  • Proudly 100% Namibian owned

  • Over 30 years of combined IT experience

  • Global System integration partnership, with T1 vendors such has Cisco, HPE

  • Vetted to do State Security IT infrastructure Projects

  • One of  the fastest growing registered SME IT companies in Country

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