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Electronic Documents and Records Management Software

Manage the end-to-end content lifecycle, from creation to disposal, to ensure effective service delivery and public accountability. Capture, process, and view various content types, including physical documents, e-mails, and social media posts. Streamline your physical and digital records by leveraging the application’s key features including multi-channel content capture, compliant records management, secure archival, version management, and faster retrieval.

Centralized Content Management

  • Centralized repository with online accessibility and comprehensive search features

  • Integrated social media engine for capturing, monitoring, and archiving social content and customer interactions

Comprehensive Content Search and Retrieval

  • Comprehensive search features for file plan and records, based on general content properties, including date, range, and metadata fields

  • Integrated systems for faster information retrieval

Streamlined Information Access
  • Online self-service portal to provide easy information access to customers

  • Simple user interface for end users to add and index documents, search a record, and ask for a physical copy

Unified, Platform-based System
  • Extensible platform for integrations with disparate IT infrastructure, reducing data redundancies and delays

  • Expansive integration frameworks for interoperability of systems and agencies

Data Security & Integrity

  • Comprehensive records lifecycle management for long-term storage of content

  • Rights-based access and encrypted storage to ensure information security

  • Modifications not allowed in documents marked as ‘records’ to maintain data integrity

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Compliant with DOD 50515.02, VERS, and NRAA records management

  • Extensive audit trails and robust policy-based security to reduce risk

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