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Virtua Technologies Turnkey Solutions for Government

eVisa Solutions

eVisa Solutions

An emerging trend in secure travel documentation is the introduction of the eVisa: a completely digital solution that replaces the traditional paper-based visa. Travellers apply for an eVisa electronically and, when accepted, it is linked to the traveler’s passport. The visa then appears on-screen when the passport is scanned at a country entry-point. This simplified, easy-to-access system encourages tourism and business travel, makes for a smoother experience when entering a country and has the benefit of being ultra-secure, extremely difficult to counterfeit, and allows for data management and tracking.

Border Management Solutions


Keeping Borders Secure
We provide border management systems and solutions that help you maintain entry and exit points efficiently, easily communicate with external systems, take advantage of real-time data and be assured of state-of-the art security. We’ll help you implement surveillance and inspection tools that facilitate efficient border crossings, while ensuring the verification of identity documents and the storage of data associated with transport arrivals and departures.

Electronic Governance Office and Automation Software

eGov Solutions

Establish a paperless, digital environment by automating your end-to-end government processes. Leverage our platform-based eGov Office suite to build an agile operation, ensuring more efficient and effective Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B), and Government to Government(G2G) processes.

Streamlined File Management

  • Automated movement of files and correspondences/DAK throughout the lifecycle—from creation to archival

  • Unified process across departments and agencies for quick file management

Automated Query Routing and Processing

  • Rapid processing of RTI/FOIA queries and parliament questions

  • Auto-allocation of queries to the respective departments, based on configurable rules

Collaborative Learning and Informed Decision Making

  • Collaborative learning environment with advanced features like content rating, adding citations, and chat and discussion forums

  • Enhanced collaboration for greater interoperability, reduced delays, and informed decision making

  • Mobility for on-the-go access to correspondences

Committee and Meeting Follow-ups

  • Module to form committees, schedule meetings, etc.

  • System-defined escalation matrix, alerts, notifications, and auto-reminders for faster execution and timely responses

Digital Signature and Barcode Integration

  • File view with green note sheet and digital signature integration for pdf documents

  • Barcode integration for file and correspondence tracking

Compliance With Manual of Office Procedures

  • Compliance with Manual of Office Procedures (MOP) as published by the Department of Administrative Reform

  • Digital notings for file and correspondence management

Citizen Services
Citizen Services

Leverage mobile and social governance tools to deliver a superior experience to citizens across all channels and devices. Empower your employees to capture citizen data and deliver contextual communications. Bridge your operational silos and exercise strategic control over documents and information using our citizen services application.

Citizen Services Automation

  • Efficient service delivery

  • End-to-end automation of citizen-centric services

  • A unified digital automation platform with BPM and ECM capabilities

  • Strategic control over critical documents and anytime, anywhere access to citizen-centric information

Enterprise Mobility Framework

  • Support for multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows

  • A comprehensive library with plug-and-play components for rapid application development

  • Advanced imaging capabilities for capturing high-quality images

  • Secure data transmission with features, including encryption and two-factor authentication

Social Governance

  • Social BPM and social records management system modules

  • Ability to capture and process service requests generated on social media platforms

  • Social media monitoring and contextual response delivery

  •  Auto-classification and archival of posts per regulatory policies

Grants Management Software
Grans Solutions

Standardize, streamline, and automate the complete grant lifecycle—from receiving an application and verifying applicant’s eligibility to monitoring work and post-awarding of grants. Leverage our grants management application based on a case management framework and apply its built-in configurable rules to optimize time, effort, and cost. Manage time-sensitive disbursements and communication with authorities for planning future funding requirements.

Streamlined Application Submission & Evaluation

  • Secure submission of online applications and seamless flow of information to fast-track requests

  • Streamlined approval cycles and collaboration with external stakeholders for efficient evaluation of applications

Unified, Omnichannel Processes

  • Reduced case cycle time with omnichannel, multi-user collaborative capabilities

  • Dynamic collaboration across stakeholders for seamless information exchange

Applicant Eligibility Checking

  • Defined rules and guidelines to verify applicant’s eligibility and determine risks in awarding each grant

  • Real-time information access and data update to facilitate tracking and planning

Biometric Solutions

Biometric Solutions

ABIS is a biometric identity management system supporting fingerprint, iris and facial recognition. Fast and accurate performance is achieved with minimal hardware requirements. Thanks to its modular architecture, our ABIS is easy to customize. Open APIs allow smooth integration with other systems to avoid vendor lock-in.

The largest German biometrics provider presents the fastest Automated Fingerprint Identification System in the world - the DERMALOG AFIS. As confirmed by the renowned test SGS-TÜV Saar, the software allows the processing of almost 3.6 billion matches per second. Despite its speed, the system is still extremely reliable.

The DERMALOG AFIS is our company’s core product and the result of more than two decades of experience in the development of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems. Now, it is an established product in different parts of the world and has been implemented in numerous large-scale projects.

Civil Services

Our AFIS is creating efficient processes for: Anti-drug agencies, tax agencies, social welfare, pension funds, elections, anti-corruption agencies, national registration, several other government departments and bank customers.

Biometric Documents

Our AFIS ensures counterfeit protection for numerous documents: National ID Cards, ePassports, drivers licenses, seafarers cards, civil servant’s cards, weapons licenses, health insurance cards, armed forces ID Cards

Border Management

Our AFIS, as essential part of safety concepts: Border Control, Biometric Gate, visa management.

Main advantages of DERMALOG AFIS.

1.      World ‘s fastest AFIS coding and matching while maintaining highest accuracy rates

2.      Outstanding low False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR)

3.      AFIS for law enforcement and civilian identification

4.      Database with tenprints (TP/4-4-2), palmprints (PP) and latent prints (LP)

5.      Includes TP-TP, TP-UL or PP-ULP / LT-TP, LT-UL or LP-ULP searching

6.      No proprietary hardware necessary as standard COTS hardware is used

7.      Use of standard databases, such as Oracle

8.      Runs on all hardware platforms and runs on Windows and Linux

9.      Coding and matching of shape, global and local similarity checks, heuristics

10.  High usability, easy to integrate, outstanding performance, unique security

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