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Senior Product Manager (1 Year Contract)

Closing Date: Friday, 5 November

Join a creative team of product managers, UX designers & researchers, software architects, software developers and QA analysts & engineers dedicated to delivering software that delivers value to our clients and engaging experiences to users.

We are serious about always learning new things. We create the time and opportunities for you to learn and develop new skills and actively promote and compensate you for taking on more responsibility aligned with your career goals.


Closing Date: Friday, 5 November

About the role

Join our team as a senior product manager! It will be your job to help the client discover what software to build that would be valuable to their business, usable to their users and technically feasible. We believe a good product manager is experienced in at least one of the following areas: business, user experience or technology.




Stakeholder communication and expectation management:

  • Keep in mind the different views of various stakeholders and explain changes to them within their context

  • Facilitate decisions on scope, budget and timeline

  • Lead a cross-functional team (UX designers & researchers, software developers, QA analysts & engineers)


Business acumen

  • Collaborate with the client and the team to determine the product context including vision, strategy and OKRs

  • Compile the business case for product discovery and development

  • Manage value, usability, technical feasibility and business viability risk

  • Data visualisation to derive business value1

  • Business process mapping1


Lean product process

  • Product owner support (the product owner is client-side and often inexperienced with making software)

  • Product discovery

  • Release planning and execution

  • Lean analytics1


Project and financial management

  • Project budget management

  • Resource planning

  • Project plan update with dependencies in mind

  • Financial updates, invoicing and forecasting

  • Project risk management


Scrum master

  • Remove impediments to product development

  • Facilitate retrospectives and implement Agile principles


About you

You are a phenomenal communicator who has deep empathy with all stakeholders: clients, users, UX practitioners, software developers, project sponsors, etc. You can see stakeholder issues before they arise and aren’t afraid of resolving them with radical candour.

A single day for you can consist of re-establishing the focus on the product vision, refining the backlog, facilitating a design sprint, poring over the data, conducting customer discovery interviews and a myriad other things. This is no mean feat, but you enjoy the challenge.

You are extremely eager to learn and will never stop learning no matter how ‘senior’ you get. You are not afraid to try new techniques and can understand complex problems to such an extent that you can enable the team to address the problem effectively, using their toolbox of business acumen, UX and technology.


Knowledge, skills and attitude

Firstly, you need the skills to take on the responsibilities specified above. You also need the ability to notice and steer clear of:

  • being defensive

  • always being right

  • blame-shifting in your own thinking and behaviour, as well as that of the people around you.



  • Minimum 8 years of work experience

  • Minimum 5 years experience in Agile software development

  • Minimum 5 years experience as a project manager

  • One of the following

  • Minimum 2 years experience as a tech Product Manager

  • Minimum 2 years experience as a Business Analyst


Fine Print

  • We would like the successful candidate to start working as soon as possible. We will start doing interviews as soon as we receive CVs, and conclude the entire process as quickly as possible.

  • To apply, send an email with your detailed CV, cover letter, academic results and other supporting documents to attached to (no hand-delivered applications will be

  • Sending us your application means you agree that we may process and store your information indefinitely, for the purpose of our recruitment process.

  • Once we receive your application, we will strive to review it within a few days. If you meet the minimum requirements, we may contact you to set up a first interview

Want to apply for the position?

Email us today!

Closing Date:

Friday, 5 November

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