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Potential Investment Business Partner

(Zambia Branch)

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Virtua Technologies (VT) is a leading provider of ICT and enterprise solutions.

Virtua technologies hereby invites reputable companies with requisite expertise and proven capacity to provide business solutions that are relevant to the Zambian business environment. Interested companies and individuals are required to submit an expression of interest for the purpose of prequalification for business partnership with Virtua Technologies. Upon successful prequalification, companies with identified solutions and/or market opportunities will be invited for further engagement.


  • Virtua Technologies seeks to collaborate with innovative organisations to jointly develop business solutions, expand channels to market, and provide opportunities to scale for identified solutions. Considerations for selection will include but are not limited to solutions that:

  • Are scalable and relevant within the local context;

  • Will enable organizations to drive efficiencies and reduce costs;

  • Will digitize/ transform customer engagements and customer journeys;

  • Will drive technology adoption and transformation within the private and public sector;

  • Will deepen citizen engagement and help to address social challenges.

Fine Print

  • We would like the successful candidate to start working as soon as possible. We will start doing interviews as soon as we receive CVs, and conclude the entire process as quickly as possible.

  • To apply, click on the submit button at the bottom of this page or send an email with your detailed CV, cover letter and other supporting documents to attached to (no hand-delivered applications will be accepted).

  • Sending us your application means you agree that we may process and store your information indefinitely, for the purpose of our recruitment process.

  • Once we receive your application, we will strive to review it within a few days. If you meet the minimum requirements, we may contact you to set up a first interview.

Want to apply for the position?

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